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Each company has its own identity in developing its business. Our company, which started as a hobby, has now developed into a company with professional management and customer satisfaction oriented.
For us, customers are an asset that must always be given more service from time to time for no reason. Because we believe our customers are king and always will be. We believe, with technological capabilities in the field that we master, we can produce quality modified products for our customers.

S Budi Nugraha

Company History

Starting from a hobby of repairing and modifying his own car, which later developed into modifying a Toyota Hard-top car engine, modifying a Mercedes Benz engine from diesel fuel in 1998 and has grown to this day. We are able to develop modified 4WD 4 x 4 and 6WD 6 x 6 engines, in addition to servicing general vehicle repairs. As a prospective business development that requires professional management and services, in 1999 we established the GRAHA HARAPAN AUTO PART workshop located in the Griya Hijau complex. The goal is to provide service and customer satisfaction and develop business opportunities in the automotive sector.

Helping the needs of vehicles for road conditions that are difficult to pass by ordinary vehicles.

The company's vision is customer-oriented service, supported by qualified Human Resources and using the latest technology systems.

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Every modification product of PT. Graha Harapan Auto Part is cover with warranty for after fabrication. The warranty is very depending on terms and conditions, for parts and workmanship and valid for either 1year or 15.000 km, depends on which applied first.


Our company is supported by professional mechanics with various skills, such as, machining, welding, lathe, and others.


Production capacity for modification of axle of small trucks with various brands, between 90 up to 100 units per mounth.

Spare Part

Guaranteed availability of spare parts for the next 5 years.


The ratio/manufacturer's specifications have not changed. The product can be returned to its standard condition without any changes to the Chassis, Engine, Transmission, and Rear Axle.


Already working with dealers of all well-known brands.


Truck Modification Specialist and Equipment

4WD & 6WD

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